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  • Round the clock access to sides.
  • Our exclusive "Revised Sides Alert"SM feature. You download sides on Monday for a Wednesday audition. The sides are revised on Tuesday. Consequently you show up for your Wednesday audition having prepared with outdated sides. But not if you get your sides online from Showfax! Our exclusive "Revised Sides Alert"SM feature will not only instantly inform you that the sides you downloaded have been revised, it will also include the revised sides as an attachment to that email notification! No longer show up having studied outdated sides! When you get your sides online through Showfax, you will always be current.
  • Direct electronic submissions to casting via Showfax Actors Access/Breakdown Services casting notices! Our exclusive heads up "Advance Roles Notification" feature will automatically notify you when a role has arrived at Actors Access that fits your Profile on file! Jump to the role/project, if it's interesting, submit immediately. Check out the all new Showfax Actors Access and its features at www.actorsaccess.com.
  • Our Showfax Actors 101 seminars.
  • Round the clock online technical support via info@showfax.com if you have questions or need assistance
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