Los Angeles

Category: Pilots
Project: REWIND

Role Selection

To download a role, click on the name of the desired role. If you do not see the sides you need, call the Showfax office at (310) 385-6920; outside Los Angeles (800) 886-8716, or send email with details: Request for Sides.

  • Charlie
  • $ 2.00
  • Danny Rivera
  • $ 3.00
  • Ellis (rev Apr 4, 2012)
  • $ 2.00
  • Henry Knox
  • $ 3.00
  • John Malcolm
  • $ 3.00
  • Lindsay Bryce (rev Mar 26, 2012)
  • $ 4.00
  • Lucas Levine (rev Mar 19, 2012)
  • $ 2.00
  • Priya
  • $ 2.00
  • Rourke (rev Mar 19, 2012)
  • $ 5.00

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    For actors who need sides but don't wish to become a member at this time, you can still download the sides you need. For an introductory period you can download sides, as you need them, for only $1.00 per page. Maps and additional information are available at no charge with your purchase.

    Members and Membership
    As a "Member" of Showfax there is never a charge for downloading sides or supplemental information. Simply ignore the prices and just click on whichever sides you need. You can also sign up online anytime prior to downloading sides. Your membership will be activated instantly. Thereafter, just enter your username and password when prompted.

    We wish you great success with your auditions. Break legs!